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Simple score board with PIC16F690 & 7 segment display

September 22nd, 2009

Today i finished my second PIC project The first one was a LED Cube, but i didn’t published anything about it just because there are a lot of similar projects out there.
So my project is a simple score board. Two 7 segments displays with a button for each one, the full source code (assembler) and schematics.

PIC16F690 score board 1

This is a screen shot of the final assembly (yes, i soldered 2 flags 😆 )

To build this board you need 2 330Ω, 7 220Ω and 2 10KΩ resistors, 2 NPN transistors, a PIC16F690, two 7 segment display (i used in my build a common cathode, if you use a common anode you have to change the schematics and code a little)  and 2 push buttons.

On my board i didn’t connected the decimal point (DP) from the displays, so if you want to connect yours then you have to get another 200Ω resistor for it and connect it to port B7.

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