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PHP FIFA Manager online editor project

December 2nd, 2009

I am a fan of the FIFA Manager game, i play it every year and every year i would like to install all the “database extensions” (community database improvements) available out there, but the problem is that i have to keep track of all fan sites and choose carefully as some databases, club badges, player pictures, etc collide with each other.

In this regard I started the FIFA Manger online editor. The aim is to create a web application for editing the database of the game and allow contributors to upload all the images (club badges, player’s pictures, etc) into one place, aggregate everything in one place.

This is a big project in the way that there is a lot of data to parse and even harder to understand the internal database structure.

Until now i have a small draft of how the application will look like and also I have already written the parser for some details.
You can take a look and test it here:
For now only England is available for testing (not with the full database).
For now you can see a list of all countries, clubs in that country, all players of the clubs and some details of the players.
The referees are also parsed but there is no interface to see them for now.

Everybody that is interested in this project and has a few hours per week free is more than welcome to join. I need as much help as possible in order to complete this project before the 2011 release 😉

One of the biggest problems now is the user interface, there are just so many buttons, input fields and windows. So if you are an ExtJS developer and want to create a nice, clean and fast interface for this project do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a nice game, and more about this project soon.

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