Sound level meter with K8055 (video)

August 20th, 2009 by Dragos Leave a reply »

I have implemented a new custom control in the K8055 Full Demo application that can send signals on outputs (analog or digital) based on the sound input in your microphone.

The control also has a sensitivity track bar witch allow you to make the microphone more or less sensitive to input.

Based on the sound level (and sensitivity adjustments) the program sends signals (you can see the LEDs light up) on a number of channels. So if the sound that is coming into the microphone is 6 the first 6 digital outputs are set (first 6 LEDs light up).

The same thing applies to the analog outputs, but instead of setting the output to ON or OFF it sent the voltage between 0-5V. For example if the sound level is 5 (this means the input in the microphone is around 127) it sends ton the analog channel a 127 signal that translates to 2.5V

Download here (version the new version of the application and try it out (source code included).

Also you can watch a short demo video.Because of the video quality the sound indicator might be a little unsynced with the sound.

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