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This class is meant for computing all the possible ways from a point to another and the distance between them.

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May 2004 Number 2

May 2004 Number 2

Computing all possible routes between two points considering the different alternative directions that may be taken in the way has always been an interesting problem.

Depending on the purpose, different solutions may be found that are optimized to cost less in fuel consumed by a transportation vehicle, may take less time to traverse, or may just be a convenient alternative when one or more paths are blocked for some problem that may exist by the time the a certain route is being traversed.

This class provides a solution to compute all the different routes that may be taken to reach one point departing from another.

Although it does not solve a problem that is common in Web programming, it may be useful in specific situations where computing multiple routes is part of a solution of a more specific problem.

Manuel Lemos

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