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Sound level meter with K8055 (video)

August 20th, 2009

I have implemented a new custom control in the K8055 Full Demo application that can send signals on outputs (analog or digital) based on the sound input in your microphone.

The control also has a sensitivity track bar witch allow you to make the microphone more or less sensitive to input.

Based on the sound level (and sensitivity adjustments) the program sends signals (you can see the LEDs light up) on a number of channels. So if the sound that is coming into the microphone is 6 the first 6 digital outputs are set (first 6 LEDs light up).

The same thing applies to the analog outputs, but instead of setting the output to ON or OFF it sent the voltage between 0-5V. For example if the sound level is 5 (this means the input in the microphone is around 127) it sends ton the analog channel a 127 signal that translates to 2.5V

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PHP Web Commander

August 19th, 2009

PHP Web Commander is an application designed for web server usage.
The basic idea of the program concerns the possibility to manage files, ftp accounts, database, etc.
Similarly to the populars files managers, the utility is endowed with an user-friendly interface, ensuring the same level of functional procedures.
Supporting a wide range of plugins, the application allows the user to configure his own Web Commander system, through miscellaneous commands.

Download it from here. Changelog here.

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Velleman K8055 C# test application

August 19th, 2009

In my attempt to (re)learn electronics and PIC programming I’ve bought a K8055 board from Velleman. I know it’s not good to learn PIC (actually you can’t do it with this board) but all i want initially is to make some simple projects without the headache of  programming the PIC.


The board comes with source code for C++ and a DLL so you can use it in your project to easly communicate with the board. If you need the library for linux get it from here.

As my C++ skills are … well … let’s just say i haven’t programmed anything in C++ for a long time, I made myself a small program in C#.

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PHP Spell Checker

August 18th, 2009

This package can be used to check the spelling of text and get fix suggestions.

There is a base class that defines functions for spell checking.

There are also two classes for checking the spelling of text using either PHP scripts that contain arrays of valid words and grammar definitions, or using the hunspell program.

If the classes determine that there are misspelled words, they may return suggestions for eventual fixes.

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PHP WSDL Generator

August 18th, 2009

This package can be used to generate a Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) document from the code of a class that implements Web services calls.

It parses the code of a given PHP class script files and generates a WSDL definition from the list of the class functions.

Certain functions may be skipped to not be included in the WSDL definition based on the function access type.

The generated WSDL may be saved to a given file, returned as a string or served for download.

Download class

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Timed One Time Password (TOTP)

August 17th, 2009

This class can be used to generate and validate one time passwords that may expire after a period of time (without using a database or saving the password of any kind).

It generates a code based on a secret key that is valid during a period of time.

The class can also be used to validate the generated code in a different server and check if the code expired.

Download class

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PHP Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder

August 17th, 2009

This class can be used to parse and extract information from Yahoo Messenger chat history files.

It can parse a given chat history file and extract several details of each message that was exchanged in the chat sessions.

The class retrieves the message text and length, timestamp and the identifier of the user that sent the message.

The message text is retrieved in HTML format, but the class may strip HTML formatting.

Download class

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Big Number Calculator

August 17th, 2009

This class can be used to add arbitrary precision numbers in pure PHP.

It takes two decimal numbers represented as strings of unlimited length and performs an addition digit by digit.

The result is another decimal number represented as a string.

Download class

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Time online Class

August 16th, 2009

This class is meant to keep track of the time the users spend visiting the pages of a site.

It can keep track of the time spent in a single page, on the entire site using the same session or the total time since the first access.

It can display in the site HTML pages the time spent and keep displaying the time in real time so the user can see the time spent as it passes.

Download class

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August 16th, 2009

This class is meant for computing all the possible ways from a point to another and the distance between them.

Download class

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